22 déc. 2008

Sticker - Merry Xmas Edition

3 commentaires:

Mijail a dit…

hi there! what't Zzup! i'm Mijail From MExico and i'm in love with what you do.. and i was asking to myself.. Could i get any participation on that amazing thin???.. then ... i;'m gonna ask you!... May i use ur stickers to put'em on a lots of things in mexicko city? i mean! i know too many things that seriously need to close'em up!:D well.. anyway if u would gimme the permision plz! send me a message!... or so much netta add me on messengeR:D

F!L___ a dit…

Pop_Down Mexico !

Hi Mijail,
here you'll find the stickers :

then, u can send ur pics to popdownproject@gmail.com, I will publish the best ones in this blog.

Waiting for ur popdowns,



Anonyme a dit…

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